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Over time, the fish had increased in size, echoing Cope’s Rule – the generalization that most animal groups have evolved toward larger body size.

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How can we stay grounded and keep our sanity if we feel the small fish in the big pond? List the positive in your life: your relationships, assets, talents, achievements: Felix Baumgartner worked on his recent feat for years before achieving it.

Aside from “training” for his world-record jump from space he had to overcome panic attacks while in his space suit. With the assistance of a psychiatrist who helped him focus on the positive, not the negative. Surround yourself with positive people: We tend to surround ourselves with people who match back what we radiate.

This was the last peak in a streak of mass extinctions known as the Late Devonian extinctions which wiped out 97% of all marine vertebrate species.

In the aftermath, it paid to be small, a new study suggests.