Problem updating to ios 7

Most i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad owners have been able to update with no issues.Some, however, have run into big problems with the update — enough to brick their device.It keeps on downloading until it is halfway done with the process bar.Right beneath the bar were it stood estimated time remaining it says now "preparing update..." When that happens the update suddenly is super slow. After few minutes of waiting, the update stops and I recieve a message saying "Software update failed.That’s why we’ve put together this list of common i OS 10 problems and how to fix them, to ensure you get the most out of what is a very impressive operating system and your shiny new i Phone 7, if that’s also part of the equation.Unfortunately, if you’ve got an i Phone 4S, i Pad 3, i Pad 2 or i Pad Mini 1, you’re fresh out of luck.Unfortunately, a few of them didn't have backups, and those customers lost the data on their device. Many of you were able to update with no problem, including some in IT who were able to update large numbers of devices without issue.Updating apps on your i Phone is usually as simple as tapping a few buttons.

It's like something is preventing me from updating my phone but i don't know what it is Can please someone tell me what I am doing wrong Have you tried doing it using i Tunes after connecting the phone to a computer - Mac or a PC? You should be able to set the phone up as new if everything else fails.That was fairly easy to recover from by rebooting the device.I work for an Apple retailer on the weekends, and this past weekend a cluster of customers came in with i Phones and i Pads that were in Recovery Mode — their screens displayed a globe icon and an image of a sync cable.Before we start: It's very important to make sure that your Apple device is currently connected to the internet. It's also crucial to be connected to a home network, as some company networks might filter out the connection to Apple's servers.That being done, here's how to fix the annoying "Unable to Verify Update" i OS error for i OS 10, i OS 9.3 and below.