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It's been nearly 13 years years since MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County debuted on Sept.

28, 2004, introducing us to the world of Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, and the rest of their impossibly good-looking crew of high school pals. Kristin revealed in an interview that she felt "manipulated" during filming and accused producers of making Stephen take LC out on dates for the sake of drama.

You get someone who's fucking twisted.” While we think twisted is a strong word to associate with the first lady of reality-drama TV, Brescia has a good point about the manipulation of the cast on the show and the pressure they must have felt.

“I really liked them a lot,” Brescia said of Pratt and Montag.

We were at Les Deux, [and] Heidi ended up showing up with Spencer, and [Lauren and Heidi] got into it outside. I mean, you can see at the beginning of that scene that we’re scrambling to get our cameras there.

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‘You get a young girl like that, who has been on TV since she was 18, and her whole life’s exposed – how do you get an actual normal person at that point?What he is doing now: After being arrested multiple times and being diagnosed with alcoholism, it seems Jason has changed his bad boy image and is now in a motorcycle gang. But he did recently post the photos below to his twitter (of which he has 7, 572 followers) looking pretty good in leather.What show she was on: The Hills What she is famous for: Being Spencer's sister, LC's friend and a drama-stirrer.Where they they are now:: Broke and living in Spencer's parents house.Spencer is just about to get his college degree after taking several breaks to film The Princes of Malibu and The Hills . What show he was on: Laguna Beach and The Hills What he is famous for: Being LC's boyfriend and also a bad boy.