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There are none of the porn-inspired themes common in other pay-by-the-hour places.It was the happiest moment of the young bride’s life.Trek to the spectacular Laguna Torre and iconic Torres del Paine, hike glaciers and visit the quirky towns at the end of the world. Please make sure you arrive on day 1 by 3 pm, in time for the first group meeting.Experience a South American adventure through this spectacular region of Argentina and Chile. Please have lunch prior to the meeting as we'll head out on our first activity straight afterwards.Sometimes the urge for intimacy strikes in the most inappropriate places. ‘Telo’ is Argentine slang meaning albergue transitorio – pay-by-the-hour hotels where couples can get away for some undisturbed amorous interaction.

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(For more Che lore, look for an upcoming biopic called Guerilla, with Benicio del Toro as a very convincing Che.) Back to the quote cited above, which is translated as, "Hey silly, what's going on with you?Visit the best of nature's attractions in Argentina before heading to Chile to marvel at Patagonia.From the tango bars and heaving streets of Buenos Aires, head to the striking mountain scenery, vast open plains, dramatic ice fields and advancing glaciers of Patagonia.Your leader will leave a note at reception telling you where this important meeting will take place.Please ask a member of reception for this information.