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Brzezinski shut down the conversation by saying "That's good," when prodded to elaborate, but Scarborough added, "I think that pretty much says it, doesn't it?"After Brzezinski, a mother of two, split from her husband of 22 years in June, rumors that the duo were dating started circulated.

Over the years the cast expanded (though almost every character opted to continue squeezing into one San Francisco house), journeyed to Hawaii and even jammed with the Beach Boys.

But all good things must come to an end, and 20 years ago it was time for Full House to leave our screens.

In honor of that anniversary, and with word of a reboot that's arriving on Netflix next year, let's take a look at what our favorite cast members are up to now, and find out if we'll be seeing them on (2005), he gained attention for his "no-limits" version of a dirty joke that's well-known among comedians.

His taste for dark comedy was also evident when he played an id-ruled, sex-obsessed version of himself on 's Aunt Becky — were never single at the same time, meaning that despite their chemistry, a real-life pairing wasn't in the cards.

In 2013, he told Huff Post Live that Loughlin "could be the one that got away.") and continuing to talk about whether or not he inspired Alanis Morissette's famous break-up anthem "You Oughta Know" (given that it's been 20 years since the song came out, Coulier deserves credit for being patient and not telling interviewers to just "Cut it out" with that particular question).