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Younger man: Rudenko, right, was also linked to 26-year-old Max Barskikh, left, a Ukrainian singer and showman, almost half a century younger than Jagger, notorious for once cutting his veins on stage with broken glass Rudenko told a Russian reporter seeking to ask about her private life in the wake of the Jagger reports: 'I don't think I need such an interview,' she said - adding: 'I do not allow my family to discuss my private life.' Music festival: Rudenko, pictured, flew to the Coachella festival in October to see Jagger perform live on stage.

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The Hall of Space Technology in the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, Kaluga, Russia.'Melania was transfixed by the idea of becoming a model and loved sketching designs for clothes,' Bedek tells Daily Mail Online School days: Sevnica elementary school is where Melania attended class from age seven to fifteen.Her father also arranged for her to attend a technical high school before she went on to the University of Ljubljana Among friends: Melania's class in 1984 at the local high school. 'She always had higher goals than the rest of us and more ambition.The first cringe-worthy exchange: Glamour: In the movie, your characters talk about “hitting the check boxes.” What are your dating check boxes? They show a side of Jordan I didn't previously know existed. Jordan's stance on feminism will forever color my opinion of him.Michael: I’ve got different lists depending on what I’m looking for. Already, his elevated status has started to fade; knowing that he requires dates to make sandwiches and keep their legs closed suddenly makes him seem a lot less attractive.