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Not only that, calling a marriage counselor is often a last resort and, in some cases, they were calling Steele for help after irreversible damage to the relationship had already been done. While he really wanted to help people find happiness, he felt there was something missing from his arsenal.When he discovered life coaching, the pieces started to fall into place.Even with an increasing number of ways to connect it is more and more difficult to make a real connection.Most singles waste precious time and energy on people who just aren't a good fit for them.Between the two of us, we have advanced degrees in Psychology, Neuroscience and Theology, we’ve taught at eight universities, and we’ve published 12 books…but That’s why we’re so passionate about helping other lesbians and queer women learn to date wisely and love well.If you want happy, healthy, lasting lesbian love, but it’s eluded you until now, we believe our 12-Week Roadmap to Successful Dating & Lasting Lesbian Love will change your life.

The outcome of Relationship Readiness Coaching is clarity.

“Riana was an essential part of helping me to heal myself and to rebound my family after a very difficult divorce. My son had failed to launch, getting lost while he tried to help his mother move on, and now he is totally on the right track, back in school and working hard earning great income.

After 5 years of trying to do this for myself, it wasn’t until I hired a Life Coach, Riana Milne – to really speed up the process. My daughter was angry and didn’t want me to move on, and had a difficult time accepting anyone I chose to date.

Yet no one ever taught us how to find the right partner and create a strong relationship. When you find the right car, you’ll automatically know what to do.” No wonder the lesbian relationship “roads” are so scary out there…

We’re Ruth & Michelle, and we’re here to change that!